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Adelaide West Physiotherapy is Downtown Toronto’s go-to clinic for manual therapy and sports rehabilitation. Many of our Physiotherapists have completed advanced training in manual therapy and are Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (CAMPT). CAMPT is professional organization of physiotherapists who have attained internationally recognized qualifications in manipulative physical therapy. CAMPT-Certified physiotherapists offer advanced clinical expertise. They hold the highest academic qualifications in manual therapy available, a level achieved by only a small group of Physiotherapists in Canada.

Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy CAMPT


  • There is a difference between treating the problem and treating the person. 

    Every problem can have multiple causes. 

    Listening to each patient helps us figure out the root cause, which is the key to resolving the problem. 

  • We listen to each patient’s story. Our hands assess how the body is moving. Our clinical reasoning determines which structures are at fault. 

    We then apply specific manual therapy techniques to restore proper movement and teach a personalized exercise program to prevent re-injury.

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  • We strive to have our clients feel comfortable in discussing their concerns with us so that their expectations are being met.  

    We communicate with each client’s health professionals, as needed, to ensure that they are receiving the best, comprehensive care possible.

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At Adelaide West Physiotherapy, we are proud to have a team that is truly passionate about physiotherapy and more importantly, is dedicated to the care of our clients. Learn more about our team members by visiting their pages below.

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