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Adelaide West Physiotherapy offers cutting-edge online physiotherapy services in Ontario, a revolutionary approach to physical therapy that brings expert care right to your home. Embracing the latest in digital healthcare, our virtual physio sessions ensure that quality treatment is just a click away, ready to fit into your busy schedule.

What is Online Physiotherapy?

Online physiotherapy, also known as virtual physiotherapy or telephysiotherapy, is an innovative healthcare service that allows patients at AWP to receive personalized physiotherapy treatment anywhere in Ontario. 

This approach involves secure video consultations with our therapists using our trusted software platform, Jane, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your sessions. This method is perfect for those looking for professional physiotherapy treatments without the need to visit a physical clinic.

What Can Online Physio Help With?

Here are just a few of the diverse range of conditions and issues that our online physiotherapy services can help address: 

Managing Chronic Pain


Online physiotherapy is effective in guiding patients through exercises and techniques to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Recovery from Injuries


Receive guidance on recovery exercises and techniques for sports injuries, strains, or sprains.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation


Tailored virtual sessions to aid in recovery post-surgery, ensuring proper healing and mobility restoration.

Improving Mobility and Flexibility


Expert advice and exercises designed to enhance joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

Convenient Monitoring of Progress


Regular virtual check-ins to assess progress and adjust treatment plans as needed.

Virtual Physiotherapy can be used to treat all conditions the same way that in-person therapy can. From head to toe, we can help you relieve pain, improve mobility and take back control of your life. To learn more about the different conditions we can treat here at Adelaide West Physiotherapy, visit the page below! 

Key Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy

Virtual physiotherapy offers several significant advantages, making it an increasingly popular choice among patients in Ontario and across the globe.

Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience

This service is particularly beneficial for those living with mobility challenges, busy or unpredictable schedules, or living in remote areas where access to a clinic is an obstacle. It eliminates the need for travel, providing easy access to quality, professional physiotherapy.

Personalized Assessment and Treatment Planning

Each patient receives a comprehensive assessment, leading to a customized treatment plan from one of our experienced team members. This personalized approach ensures effective management of your musculoskeletal conditions.

Exercise Prescription and Real-Time Feedback

Our physiotherapists guide you through specific exercises, stretches or corrections, offering real-time feedback and adjustments to ensure that every movement you are making contributes effectively to your recovery.

Education and Self-Management for Patients

Apart from treatment, we focus on patient education to demystify these conditions and teach effective self-management techniques. Empowering you to take an active role in your recovery process is a cornerstone of our treatment method, whether you visit us in person or virtually.

Learn more about the services offered at our clinic and via online sessions at the link below.

How Does AWP’s Online Physio Work?

The process of beginning your online physio appointment is very similar to an in-person session and begins with booking an appointment at a time that works for you. After booking your appointment, you’ll receive a link to a secure video conferencing platform. 

During the session, our experienced physiotherapists assess your condition, discuss symptoms, and together, you’ll figure out the best path to recovery, with a personalized plan that fits right into your life.

Our Online Physiotherapy Rates in Ontario

For more information on the cost of our online physio sessions, visit our physiotherapy page. There, you will also learn about the manual therapy techniques our physiotherapists will use to help you through your treatment from the comfort of your own home!

Why Choose Adelaide West Physiotherapy for Virtual Physiotherapy?

AWP employs a team of certified professionals who deliver top-quality care from our clinic in Downtown Toronto to clients across Ontario. Whether you have been dealing with chronic pain or need help managing and moving past post-concussion symptoms, we can help.

Expert Team

Our staff is made up of highly skilled, CAMPT-certified physiotherapists and professionals who use the latest digital healthcare technology to provide high-quality care across the province

Personalized Care

Each patient receives a personalized assessment and treatment plan to address their unique needs, tailored to their specific conditions for effective management of pain, tension and mobility issues.

Real-Time Guidance and Patient Education

Our physiotherapists guide you through exercises, stretches, and corrections in real-time. We focus on educating you about your condition and providing self-management techniques to empower you to take an active role in your recovery.

Convenience and Accessibility

We bring expert physiotherapy treatment to your home, with services accessible to residents across Ontario, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive quality care.

Book an Appointment for Online Physiotherapy in Ontario!

Today can be the day you take the first step towards relieving joint pain, releasing muscle tension or regaining mobility. Our talented and passionate team at AWP in Downtown Toronto is ready to help no matter where you are in Ontario.

Contact us today to book an appointment for an online physiotherapy session that fits perfectly into your schedule, and get the treatment you need without ever leaving the house!.

Online Physiotherapy FAQs

Our commitment to knowledge sharing is a pillar of our philosophy at AWP. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about our online physio services for a more complete understanding.

What can virtual physiotherapy NOT help with?

Through virtual physiotherapy, we cannot help you with any hands-on manual therapy, massage therapy or acupuncture/IMS treatments.

What are the risks of online, virtual physiotherapy appointments?

Online physiotherapy appointments, while convenient, come with certain risks. These include potential interception of the session, impacting your privacy. There’s also a chance of misinterpreting the physiotherapist’s instructions due to the absence of 3D visual cues. Additionally, there is a risk of a medical emergency occurring during the session.

What are we doing to mitigate those risks

To mitigate the risks associated with online physiotherapy, we ensure all personal information provided online is securely stored, just like in-clinic appointments. All data transferred online is encrypted, and nothing is recorded or stored. Our platform, Jane, adheres to strict healthcare mandates and is HIPPA, PIPEDA, and PHIPA certified. In the event of a medical emergency during a session, the physiotherapist will promptly contact your emergency contact and/or EMS (911).

What is needed for a virtual physio session?

For a successful virtual physiotherapy session, you’ll need one of the following devices: a desktop computer or laptop with a camera and Google Chrome (note: Safari is not supported), or if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, download the Jane Online App from the App Store. Android users can connect via Chrome. It’s recommended to use a headset for better communication. Ensure you have a quiet space with enough room to move around and wear comfortable clothes that allow for easy viewing of the area to be examined or treated. Also, have a clear floor area with a mat or carpet if your session involves floor exercises.

How to prepare for your online physio session

To prepare for your online physiotherapy session, look out for an email with a direct link to the session. Alternatively, you can sign in to your Jane Account at, and under ‘Upcoming Appointments’ simply click on the video icon to join your session.

How do I pay for my virtual physio appointment?

After your appointment, you can pay through an e-transfer or by using a Visa or Master Card. We do not store any credit card information to protect your financial information and we will email you a detailed invoice that you can submit to your insurance provider.

Are virtual physiotherapy appointments covered by insurance in Ontario?

Several insurance companies are covering virtual/online rehabilitation sessions and the list is growing. Contact your provider directly to find out if they cover virtual Physiotherapy sessions.

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