Virtual Physiotherapy

A physiotherapy service provided through videoconference that allows assessment and treatment when an in-person visit is not possible.

A man doing a physio session via computer


Virtual physiotherapy, also known as telephysiotherapy or online physiotherapy, is a form of healthcare service that allows patients to receive physiotherapy treatment and support remotely, using digital communication technology.

Instead of visiting a physical clinic, patients can interact with their physiotherapist through video conferencing or other virtual platforms. Both parties (physiotherapist and client) must be in Ontario to use virtual physiotherapy.

Here are some key aspects of virtual physiotherapy:

  • Video Consultations: The primary mode of communication in virtual physiotherapy is video conferencing. Patients and physiotherapists can see and hear each other in real-time, allowing for face-to-face interactions similar to an in-person appointment.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Virtual physiotherapy eliminates the need for patients to travel to a physical clinic, making it more accessible and convenient, especially for individuals with mobility issues, busy schedules, or those living in remote areas.
  • Assessment and Treatment Planning: During the video consultation, the physiotherapist can assess the patient’s condition, review medical history, discuss symptoms, and create an individualized treatment plan.
  • Exercise Prescription and Demonstration: Physiotherapists can guide patients through specific exercises and movements tailored to their needs, demonstrating techniques and providing real-time feedback on their form and progress.
  • Pain Management: Virtual physiotherapy can address various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, including back pain, neck pain, joint issues, and sports injuries.
  • Education and Self-Management: Physiotherapists can educate patients about their condition, proper body mechanics, and self-management techniques to facilitate recovery and prevent future injuries.
  • Home Exercise Programs: Physiotherapists can design home exercise programs for patients to perform between sessions, enhancing the effectiveness of treatment and promoting ongoing progress.
  • Monitoring and Follow-up: Virtual physiotherapy allows for regular follow-up sessions to monitor the patient’s progress, make adjustments to the treatment plan, and provide ongoing support.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Virtual physiotherapy platforms prioritize data security and patient privacy, ensuring that the communication and patient information remains confidential and compliant with relevant regulations.

It’s important to note that while virtual physiotherapy can be effective for many conditions, it may not be suitable for certain complex cases that require hands-on assessments and interventions. In such instances, a combination of virtual and in-person physiotherapy sessions might be recommended.

What is Virtual Physiotherapy?

This service allows you to interact with your Physiotherapist virtually by online video to provide physiotherapy services including an assessment and treatment when an in-person visit is not possible.

How is it delivered?

Adelaide West Physiotherapy utilizes the video capabilities of Jane which is the secure software platform we use to manage our clients.  Jane provides 256 bit data encryption and is compliant with HIPPA, PIPEDA and PHIPA privacy standards.

What can a Physiotherapist help you with?
  • musculoskeletal conditions
  • concussions
  • pelvic floor problems
  • general exercise programs
  • education
What can the Physiotherapist NOT help you with?

Through virtual physiotherapy, we cannot help you with any hands-on manual therapy, massage therapy or acupuncture/IMS treatments.

Will I receive good quality care?

You can expect to get safe, evidence-based, professional advice that you have come to expect from Adelaide West Physiotherapy.

What are the risks of online virtual physiotherapy appointments?
  • There is a possibility of interception of the online session affecting your privacy.
  • There is a risk of misunderstanding your Physiotherapist’s instructions due to lack of 3D visual cues.
  • Risk of a medical emergency occurring during your session.
What are we doing to mitigate those risks?
  • All personal information that is provided online is stored securely in the same manner that is used during an in clinic appointment.
  • All online data is encrypted in transit and nothing is ever recorded or stored.
  • Jane is compliant with strict health care mandates and is HIPPA, PIPEDA and PHIPA certified.
  • If any medical emergency occurs during your session, the physiotherapist will ensure that your emergency contact and/or EMS (911) is called.
What is needed for a virtual physiotherapy session?
  • You can use one of the following devices:
    • A desktop computer or laptop with a camera using Google Chrome installed as your browser (Safari not supported) OR
    • iPhone or iPad users must download Jane Online App from the App Store, OR
    • Android users connect via Chrome
  • A headset is advised
  • A quiet space with room to move around
  • Comfortable clothes that allow viewing of the body area to be examined or treated
  • A clear floor with a mat or carpet if floor exercises are involved
How to prepare for your virtual physiotherapy session?
How do I pay for my virtual physiotherapy appointment?
  • After your appointment you can pay through an e-transfer or by using a Visa or Master Card.
  • We do not store any credit card information in order to protect your financial information.
  • We will email you a detailed invoice that you can submit to your insurance provider.
Are virtual physiotherapy appointments covered by insurance?

Several insurance companies are covering virtual/on line rehabilitation sessions and the list is growing.  Contact your provider directly to find out if they cover virtual Physiotherapy sessions.



Initial Assessment (approx. 60 mins.) – $164

20 minute follow-up – $85

30 minute follow-up – $98

  • Appointments are private, one-on-one sessions with a Registered Physiotherapist.

Personal Training


For information about personal training, please contact Adelaide West Physiotherapy at 416-597-8345 or email us using the email form on our contact page.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice for cancellation of any appointments. Patients will be charged for late cancellations.

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